2019 Vendor Information

2019 final show details will be emailed to vendors before the show.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Junktique Antique Show and Flea Market! We are a juried event meaning you will need to submit an application, we will quickly review and let you know if our market will be a good fit for your goods.

Friday, September 27, 2019 10am‐5pm & Saturday, September 28, 2019 9am‐5pm.
Main Street, Florence, CO 81226, Indoor Spaces are inside the Rialto Theater 209 W Main Street. You are still required to check in as described below.
Set-up Times
Friday, September 27, 2019 6am‐10am
Load-out Times
Saturday, September 28, 2019 5pm‐8pm
Vendor map is subject to change. Final map will be available at check‐in Friday morning.

Contact Numbers

Jennifer Howard:
(713) 298‐3250
Barna Kasa:
(614) 937‐4722
(719) 784‐3411, option 1

Preparation for the Show

This is an outdoor show with some indoor spaces for vendors. You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, and tent. For overnight storage and possible weather you should have walls on your tent and lower your tent at night with closed up walls. Bring concrete blocks, sand bags, 5 gallon buckets filled with concrete or water in case of wind. You will NOT be able to put spikes into the ground. Working with your neighbor to secure tents together may be a benefit to everyone.

A limited amount of folding tables and chairs are available for rent. Tables are $10, chairs are $5. All proceeds go to their owners, not the show. Contact us before the show if you need any.

Outdoor vendors will not have access to electricity. Indoor spaces will have electricity available.

Food Vendors

We need a copy of your food vendor license. Please email it to or bring it with you to the event.

Load In

Load in starts at 6 am on Friday September 28th. All vehicles and vendors must check in at our desk on Santa Fe Avenue next to Papas Restaurant on the corner of Santa Fe and Main Street to receive your booth number and packet. From there you will get your booth number, location and paperwork. You will either have to turn right or left on Main Street to reach your booth. If you turn left/east on main street you must drive on the south of the road so you will be in the correct lane when leaving the closed off area. If turning right/west, you will need to be on the north side of the road, with the regular flow of traffic, so you will be able to exit the area without any problems.

You must unload and remove your vehicle from the area as soon as possible to allow for other vendors to arrive and drop off their stuff. Your booth space will be in the middle of the street on the yellow line marked with chalk.


Once you are done dropping off your stuff you can park your vehicle on any side street. Since 2nd Street will be used for the diverted traffic from Main Street we recommend using 3rd Street and North/South Avenues for parking. For oversized vehicles, there is parking available in the lot across from the Senior Center on Railroad Street, next to the middle school on Maple Street (between 2nd and 3rd) or around Pioneer Park. Oversized vehicles are also able to park on the south side of Railroad Street between the bridge and HWY 67 (not on map, south east of other Railroad Street parking lot). Other recommended parking areas are on the parking map.

Please use the parking spaces that are striped on the street unless you are parking in one of the oversized vehicle locations. Do NOT block driveways. The police department will tow vehicles if driveways are blocked. There is no overnight parking on Main Street.

Download 2018 Parking Map PDF

Sale of Large Items

We will have several helpers to move your large sold items to one of our side street pick‐up points. You will have 5 double tickets to put one on the item you sold and give the other one to the customer. The ticket will let them enter the gates to pick up their item. They will not be allowed on Main Street but we can move the items to a side street north of Main Street.


You must collect 7.9% local sales tax on your items and hand in the sales tax envelope enclosed in your packet. We will pay the sales tax raised through our special events sales tax license for this event. If you have your own sales tax license we need your sales tax license information on the envelope.

You must drop off your sales tax envelopes/information at the end of the show before you will be able to bring your vehicle back onto Main Street for load out.

We understand that a lot of vendors do not like to collect sales tax at events like this and there are certain exceptions for charities and personal items. Please keep in mind that sales tax is what helps small cities like ours pave our roads and sidewalks, have clean water and provide vital services. Your participation is appreciated.

Load Out

Loading out will be an organized and orderly process. Load out starts at 5 pm, and not before, on Saturday, September 29th. You can start packing up at 5 pm. Once you have EVERYTHING packed up, tent down and sales tax calculated you will need to get a ticket from our desk on Santa Fe Avenue next to Papas Restaurant on the corner of Santa Fe and Main Street. Once you have handed in your sales tax and paperwork you will be able to get your vehicle and pick up your items the same way as during load‐in. Please load up your items and drive out of the area so the next vendor is able to pick up their items. Please be mindful of pedestrian traffic we often have busy evenings in Florence.


The police will be making rounds all night and we will have private security as well. However, you are responsible for your items. It is recommended that you put walls on your tent and lower it at night to make it more difficult for your items to go missing. Remove cash, and smaller, higher priced items from your booth for extra security.


Lodging options can be found on our website; https://florenceshow.com/lodging.php.